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Title:Sarah Sanders gets IRRITATED when reporters Grill her on 'Stormy Daniels' & Gary Cohn
Published:07 March 2018
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White House Press Secretary Sarah 'Huckabee' Sanders held a Press Briefing today 3/7/2018 where she answer questions on Gary Cohn and many other Staff members Resigning from Trump's White House, other reporters also question her on 'Stormy Daniels', also on this press briefing Sarah Sanders was asked on Kellyanne Conway 3/7/2018 new video

sarah sanders White House press briefing on gary cohn resignation from white house this is the latest from trump's administration other current events happening now also are Attorney General jeff sessions speaking to california Officials today & President Trump giving remarks at the Latino Coalition Legislative Summit. other top stories stormy daniels filing a lawsuit against trump, and him not being aware of payments to daniels these are the latest breaking news today march 7, 2018 this was seen on CNN News Live Stream by

on this briefing sarah sanders told cnn reporter jim acosta "Trump Already Won Stormy Daniels Case", she also told msnbc reporter that "President Trump feels the US has been taken Advantage and it has to end now" this was watch on Fox News Live