Title:Why You'll Sadly Never Get To See This Batman Film
Published:26 February 2018
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Despite the declining success of the Batman film franchise in the '90s, Warner Bros. knew that in the right hands, the character was still a goldmine. Even though two-time Batman director Joel Schumacher was interested in making another installment, the studio wanted to start fresh. That's how Darren Aronofsky got a deal to pen a screenplay with Frank Miller to adapt Miller's comic Batman: Year One. That story arc was eventually made as an animated film, but Aronofsky and Miller's screenplay never got developed. Here's why we never got to see it…

A darker knight | 0:31
Bait and switch | 1:14
Tough cast | 1:55
Inexperienced | 2:42
Premature prequel | 3:03
Toy bust | 3:38

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